kiss a butterfly, cuz causality is bullshit

Causality, as fancy doo dah as it’s cracked up to be going way back to Aristotle, is, of course, bullshit. Cause and effect my ass. Maybe there’s something to probability, okay? But maybe it’s just a coincidental wrinkle in the space time discontinuation on behalf of the gambling industry, which is huge you realize. In other words, folks, the fix is in, from the roll of the dice to the scratch and sniff off tickets you lose your ass on under the guise of the excuse, “well, the money goes to education,” jive ass bullshit. Schools that teach causality, by the way, in a hideous cycle. So, next time something good happens because you think you worked your ass off? You might as well kiss a butterfly, because Chaos Theory is really the underlying quantum explanation for everything, including whether or not you’re gonna get laid tonight.

diabetes is an ass

something made me Google

“top 10 causes of death in the United States”

the other day. I forget why. doesn’t matter anyway. no surprise heart disease number 1. I had open heart surgery in July of 2000. mitral valve repair. not to belittle bypasses, this was full chicken chest wide open shit.

number 3 was stroke. I had 3 TIAS some months after the that scared the s*** out of me. the first one I had no idea what was happening. Laying there listening to the radio, halfway singing along with Southern Man, all of a sudden the whole left side of my body was numb and on fire… later on when the doctor told me that I had had a mini-stroke I said how fitting and he said how so?

“to go brain dead listening to Neil Young.”

“I think you’ll be fine. Still we’re going to keep you a couple of days.”

fast forward 15 years…

number 6, diabetes. dammit. really? I gotta stab myself with those little lancet stabby thing? bleed? how many times a day?

I miss David Letterman, when top 10 lists were fun.

windows 10 is satanic voodoo

Windows 10 is satanic voodoo. For the last month or so, these little unwanted pop up windows started appearing at inopportune times, asking me if I wanted to upgrade to Windows 10. I didn’t want to. I kept saying no. They kept reappearing, changing the approach, “Say, your machine is all ready to upgrade to Windows 10. It’s free. Yummy, yummy. You look busy though, we’ll schedule it to upgrade automatically for 3 am next Monday, okay?”

I would always answer NO.

Then it started trying to install Windows 10 without my asking or approving. First couple times it came back and said I didn’t have enough disk space and it had to uninstall it. Scolded me for having too much shit on my hard drive.

They kept moving the little X to escape. I think for a while it was presented to me in Swahili, but that could have been a bad dream.

Finally, one morning, I had Windows 10. Didn’t ask for it, didn’t want it, and all they did was move some shit around so I no longer knew how to do things.

Windows 10 sucks.

Also, my shipping labels don’t line up anymore.

There’s a rule in the computer world.


Windows 666 is coming.