diabetes is an ass

something made me Google

“top 10 causes of death in the United States”

the other day. I forget why. doesn’t matter anyway. no surprise heart disease number 1. I had open heart surgery in July of 2000. mitral valve repair. not to belittle bypasses, this was full chicken chest wide open shit.

number 3 was stroke. I had 3 TIAS some months after the surgery.now that scared the s*** out of me. the first one I had no idea what was happening. Laying there listening to the radio, halfway singing along with Southern Man, all of a sudden the whole left side of my body was numb and on fire… later on when the doctor told me that I had had a mini-stroke I said how fitting and he said how so?

“to go brain dead listening to Neil Young.”

“I think you’ll be fine. Still we’re going to keep you a couple of days.”

fast forward 15 years…

number 6, diabetes. dammit. really? I gotta stab myself with those little lancet stabby thing? bleed? how many times a day?

I miss David Letterman, when top 10 lists were fun.

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