does the library in alexandria today rent more movies than books i wonder?

Silly goofy little planet we live on, at least on this Monday afternoon, which is rapidly sliding away. Speaking of sliding, notice the way I jumped on that, I got a new guitar slide delivered in the mail today…

I got a new guitar slide delivered in the mail today… came all the way from China.

Got a new credit card too. Wow. Not bad for a guy whose credit rating used to have three or four decimals. Post millionaireness, that was. Man, talk about SLIDES. Let’s not, though.

Got a new doctor, too.

Sorry to see mine go, but he’s closing his practice. Business just sorta slid away, if you will. I can understand that. Overhead and some problems I sympathized with that I don’t feel comfortable sharing here caused a slide into private practice, if you will.  Ask me. Odd story.

Slippery little world, indeed.

the end of the world as we know it

if you watch this little video below you’ll get a feel for the solar plastic dancing animals flowers and shit that are on the kitchen windowsill.


left to right, got a solar dancing sunflower, with the flower broken off, i think when a flyswatter was crushing a common housefly to a bloody grease spot at gale force speed. little fucker never knew it.

then a dancing pig, no explanation needed, i hope, and finally, a little dancing chicken chickie-poo or whatever. they are made of plastic, which i suppose is an oil derivative, which is the fossilized blood and guts of dinosaurs, which we are running out of.

they each have a little solar energy collection device, i have no clue how it works, but it takes the photons from the sun that 8 minutes ago were just a potential energy source, now converted to making these stupid little pieces of crap wiggle for my amusement. this is also depleting the energy of the universe by some ridiculously small number, but eventually, will be collectively contributing in a small way to the heat death of the universe.

you try to warn people though and they look at you like you’re out of your fucking mind.

all good things…

i hate endings. happy, unhappy, i lament the end of anything good. but look at history. every great civilization sooner or later screws up and disappears. the bad, too, and that’s consoling, i suppose, but not enough for me. i’m pissed that breaking bad is over. i still wish the beatles would get back together, i’m irritated that every great achiever i know of and admire had a dark side that proved them just another dickhead. and i’m really sad that someday, our great country will no longer exist. i mean it’s got to happen. might take til the last bit of energy in the universe gets sucked into a black hole and the world as we know it disappears in a gigantic gravitational regurgitation. i think about this and wonder if all we will ever be remembered for was ketchup. worse, i find out the chinese got there first…