ever try to make yourself cry and fail miserably?

fuckinonion I have. Just today. Just can’t fuckin’ muster it. If I had a ripe white onion and a blender, an ice-pick and a steady hand with the balls to jab a few deep holes in the middle of my fucking retinas and an old fashioned oil can spigot to pour the fucking onion juice into, then a mini-potato masher to grind it deep into the last fucking thing I ever see on this shit forsaken planet, I couldn’t squeeze a fucking  half a drop teardrop out.

I might be exaggerating, but hell of an image, huh?
So, thanks, all you motherfuckers who inspired this little ditty.

Reminds me, I need to pick up some onions. Vidalia and red, though. White onions make my eyes tear. And a blender, dammit. The mashed carrots are lumpy.

expectationalism ain’t what it used to be


I enjoy lending books to people, even though I know I’ll never get them back.

Money is almost the same, but sometimes I find I could use it down the road and lament my shrugged off ignorance and or non-enforcement of the meaning of the word “borrow.”

On the other end of transactional disappointments are broken commitments, probably the toughest. They prove to be the most painful, but are really only examples of something you never had to begin with. We want to blame but we really can’t. You never know another’s heart. Unless they are thieving, lying scumbags, or maybe just insane. So hard to be sure, though.

That’s why excuses suck. They are based in truth, and no one wants the truth, nor appreciates it. Unfortunately  we can’t really precede every human action of intended outcome with a laundry list of qualifying IFs. Nothing would ever happen.

So we fling our tortillas like Frisbees as far as we can from the shore, sailing across the sea, but eventually, they are still but bread cast upon the water, and while nobody orders a soggy taco, sometimes you still gotta eat one.


Sunday 16 October 2016

colin kaepernick is back playing football and no one cares

trump and hillary still hate one another

trump and hillary are still reprehensible career criminals

voter registration UP or down?

world series likely to extend into november

World Series

Game 1: at AL champion, Oct. 25, time TBD, FOX |
Game 2: at AL champion, Oct. 26, time TBD, FOX |
Game 3: at NL champion, Oct. 28, time TBD, FOX |
Game 4: at NL champion, Oct. 29, time TBD, FOX |
*Game 5: at NL champion, Oct. 30, time TBD, FOX |
*Game 6: at AL champion, Nov. 1, time TBD, FOX |
*Game 7: at AL champion, Nov. 2, time TBD, FOX |

i am an ape man

Lower animals are operating at an instinctual level, hindbrain instruction set. Sort of like a computer’s operating system or Hardware level logic.

Higher-level machines, if you will, and pardon me for the computer analogy but it really does work for humans the more we understand the brain, more and more of the decision-making process is occurring in random access memory. Not to say that we are pre-programmed into not have free will but rather we have any number of life experience programs or experiences that help us decide what to do when we encounter similar circumstances, or data input if you will, and not only do we have the free will to choose which of those instruction sets our best fit to handle a given set of criteria, we also have the ability to write their own programs. Scary, huh?

follow the bouncing space time continuum sphere

follow the bouncing ball…

watch the pulsating venn diagram move across the bell curve…

the world is too big to grasp, the grand universal consciousness that is fed by the dying zinc spark with out entire life flashed before our eyes at the moments just before death so our entire memory is loaded into the next step of existence…

chew on that sentence above if you will… this is part 2 of it all…

my particular flash today is the family consciousness, almost godfather like, la familia, or is it famiglia, i’ll find out, but not in a first draft, okay?

the members change, the old pass away, the newborns come, blood in, blood out, lifetime membership guaranteed, you don’t get to vote anyone in or out, it’s the work of DNA and daddy’s birthday without a condom, or planned parenthood, fertility clinics, missing the pill, just letting it happen, yes, some people DO just fuck anymore…

like our own bodies regenerate cells so we are physically brand new every xx number of years? the family unit at large does so at a higher level, bound by blood.

i wish I’d known this and understood it when I was a kid.