A good way to evaluate your state of freedom

abeA good way to evaluate your state of freedom and current capture level of happiness is by looking at yourself carefully. Start with your Maslowian basics, example: food. Are you eating well according to your needs and desires? If not, why? If you’re 100 pounds overweight and it’s not due to a medical condition, maybe it’s a psychological problem, in which case you need to pursue mental health assistance. If so, is that level of care available to you? Is it affordable, timely, etc…? If you are well nourished but don’t like the cut of meat you eat, and really really want a tenderloin as opposed to 90% lean ground beef, question to ask yourself, how important is that to your happiness? If you are oppressed or depressed or poor or somehow financially unfortunate, ask why? Are you lazy? Are you generally incompetent and or disloyal, untrustworthy? Or is the SYSTEM really screwing you? Be realistic about what you do for a living and figure out the economic value your work puts into the gross national product. If you make birdhouses that sell for ten bucks a piece you can’t expect to make more than the total of the cost of materials, your employer’s overhead and reasonable profit for each birdhouse you produce. What the market will bear is really the rule, like it or not. EVERYONE’s work though is valuable, and if your occupation is looked upon as being an unskilled one, requiring little education and or training and or intellectual capacity or creativity, it still might be something that is vital to society’s survival as a whole. “IT’S A DIRTY JOB BUT SOMEONE’S GOTTA DO IT.” Ever hear that? A millionaire might not want to clean out his clogged cesspool, but no one else really does either, and whosoever does it needs to be compensated for taking on the unpleasant task. Ditches still need to be dug. ALL HONEST LABOR is good and valuable. And no one should have to work 2 or 3 jobs to make ends meet. Our work may fetch a different pay scale, but as human beings and members of a healthy society, our TIME on this Earth is of equal value, and that value is not one based on any monetary amount. There is NO SUCH THING as a price on the value of being a parent, and last time I looked, people of ALL ECONOMIC LEVELS ares till breeding and raising children. It’s complicated shit, folks, and the world may very well owe us nothing, but we do owe each other something, and while life isn’t fair, a healthy society must have people who accept and exercise the responsibility to lend a helping hand and fairly fund the greater good, all without overbearing judgement and persecution of the others personal goals, beliefs and or conceptions of happiness that don’t unfairly hinder those of others. The buck stops at the bedroom door.

fishing, poetry, and the triangle trade secrets of settling a new continent

Peter Jr Hanley, you never fail to amaze me with your stunning ability to connect the dots back to the fundamental source of why we are all here in the New World, it’s all about the fishing, folks.
Peter Kidd America was settled by codfish cartels
Bill Purkins Triangle trade, sawlid.

Bill Purkins The whole friggin continent used to be a secret fishing spot.
Bill Purkins Gentlemen, both of New Hampshire, bejeez I just realized…
Peter Kidd meet Peter Jr Hanley
Peter Kidd early rumors of George’s Bank
Peter Kidd NH was settled by the shipmast cartel
Bill Purkins Kaminsky…
THE book on Baccala…
Peter Kidd baccala was a delicacy amongst the Mediterranean countries
Peter Kidd I know my deep Yankee history
Bill Purkins Salt Cod is still preferred by many in the Caribbean even to the fresh fish itself.
Peter Kidd yes, and the way Cape Breton fisherman prefer their cod is pan-fried,
Bill Purkins As do I. Simple simple simple. The fresh Cod fillet breaks into doubloons of white gold.
Bill Purkins Did you know that when the Mayflower boat to get over here and Plymouth Rock was the hot spot in the New World those three cornered hat dudes didn’t bring any fishing equipment and Indians had to teach him how to angle…
Peter Kidd I have heard they sold lids for $2 an ounce at Plymouth
Peter Kidd now they sell salt water taffy
Bill Purkins Mr. Hanley has been know to bring home tunas of great marketworth and many hundreds of pounds in weight.
Bill Purkins Yet in England half the country likes their fish and chips to be fresh cod fish the other half actually prefers Dogfish. The north of the South I can’t remember which likes which.
Bill Purkins Peter Jr Hanley specializes in Catching small codfish I’m sure he will be glad to post a photo of one that I watched him reel in one fine Summer Day.
Bill Purkins …ducks…

in case you wonder why i do this


Nobody calls me on my cell phone. Leastways nobody I know. Unless in case of emergency. Then cell phones are useful. Otherwise, they are just the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

And NOBODY BUT NO BODDDDYYYYYYY calls a landline anymore. Unless they’re selling something, or looking to steal something. People don’t even make prank calls anymore. Do perverts even breathe heavily over phones anymore? Doubt it. No one’s shocked by that kinda shit anymore. Hell, with porn in its golden age of technology, there’s more people wanting to hear that crap than ever before.

So when I get telephone solicitations I just roll with it and see how stupid the caller really is. I feel sorry for anyone with an American sounding voice who sounds educated and or eloquent, thinking they are there because they just NEED TO EAT, and need the job. Some I let slide, especially if they sound elderly or slightly challenged.

But I PITY the motherfucker with a foreign accent when I hear boiler room buzz chatter in the background and take them to the fucking moon.

And if I’m busy, I just hang up. The above graphic was a moment f fun.

And you GOTTA HAVE fun, folks.