3D bug eyes make your own luck

new years day dinner all my life has always been ham, greens and black eyed peas. my daddy’s from texas, nuf said.

well, this year, people must be down on their luck and damned if no black eyed peas to be found, new years eve nor day.

black eyed peas for good luck of course…

after some despair i figured, the hell, i boiled some dried lima beans and some dried black beans and declared, we tried, so put a black bean on each lima bean and you got 3D bugaboo spooky eyes, DIY do it your ownself blackbeye peas.

damn right… sometimes you gotta make your own luck. a little basil, parsely, swig of soy sauce, mustard powder and a squirt of honey and GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY!!!

i think i invented a new tradition. gotta adapt, folks… roll with the tide and ride with the flow baby…

damn good they were, too.

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