Trump says “grab em by the p*” … Rosie DOES that onstage…

Trump says “grab em by the p*…”

Rosie DOES┬áthat onstage…

I’m confused.

Why aren’t these two best buddies?

Can’t we all just get along?

Grabbing a whole lotta Rosie! O’Donnell clasps her crotch as she hams it up for the crowd at Boy George concert

She has never been noted for her demure, ladylike behaviour.

So perhaps it should be no surprise Rosie O’Donnell decided to grab her crotch as she hammed it up for the crowd while appearing on stage at a Boy George concert in New York on Wednesday.

The self-styled comedienne looked like she was lost in the moment as she fondled herself while delivering some of her trademark caustic one-liners at the show, which also featured 80s popstrel Cyndi Lauper.  Read more:

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