Mr. Obama, TEAR DOWN that health care system… the Beef Jerky Diaries, Part I of II…

4 January, 2017… Long Island… NY…

I’m making beef jerky… it’s a slow, deliberate process, interesting at times, smells GREAT when mixing the marinade, hands ache with the cold when slicing the London Broil into 1/4 inch strips, but a wonderful investment in time and down home DIY for a guy who just retired early at 62 and awaits his first Social Security direct bank deposit next month. Life is full of little big freight train hurdling down a mountain with the engineer slumped over incidents lately, ole Casey with an arrow in his back, or maybe a bullet hole, and a gold or payroll robbery going on in the parlor cars.







I don’t know. Casey Jones I’m not, though I do suddenly want to hear Johnny Cash’s version of the wreck of the Old ’97. I relate more to poor old Steve.

For background mumbo jumbo, Fox News blares from the den, across the kitchen and into the dining room, where this desk is, also where I mixed the beef jerky ingredients and sliced the beef. That’s all done and now soaking in a triple lined for security marinade for 24 hours.

The news, I suddenly notice has taken on a beefy slaughter tone of its own. Just as I take my heaviest cleaver and skillfully sever 1/4 inch strips of raw flesh off the shrinking end of London Broil number 1 and then London Broil Number 2 until a pile of bloody meat ingots lay in the aluminum roasting pan I am using as a staging area, I am listening to what I realize is a similar gory sort of process unfolding before the American people in Washington DC, that being the dismantling of Obamacare, the very legacy of President Barack Obama’s entire claim to fame, should he wind up with one at all, but as it’s going today,
it looks like he’s headed for a quiet place next to Jimmy Carter at this rate.

Now, I don’t know if Obamacare is as bad as it appears to have proven to be. I tried to read it when it was published originally and people laughed at me for attempting to tackle
the 1200 page behemoth plop factor cut and paste disgrace that was signed into law without ANYONE running their eyes over each and every page with any level of comprehension.

I may be 62, but I’m still intensely idealistic, naive and gullible.

What I find ironic, frightening, even spooky, is the similarity that today’s posturing and sound byte photo op camera grabbing power struggle by both parties to stab each other for maximum wound damage has to not all that many years ago when the statue of Saddam Hussein was toppled in the bloody dusty streets of Baghdad. It took all day. People danced, spit, slapped it with their shoes, apparently an ultimate insult in that region of the world, or was that the body of the REAL subject of the statue some years later? Hmmm. Maybe both.

It’s political porn, really.

I have cleaned up my beef jerky mess, and the body is hidden in the refrigerator for 24 hours of marinating. Tomorrow at this time I will hang each fleshy strip skewered by a toothpick from the oven rack and dry it all out at 175 degrees Fahrenheit, all the life juices dripping into a couple of those big aluminum pans to catch the blood and Tabasco.

I like Beef Jerky, and they say it’s even somewhat of a healthy snack. DIY do it yourself saves money, and no preservatives and all natural ingredients make it even healthier, plus money will be saved.

They hope to accomplish similar results for a nation divided by tearing Obamacare out by the roots and replacing it with something healthier, cheaper, more palatable even.

Good luck America, I love you, and I sure as hell need you healthy. Too bad politics and lawmaking aren’t as cut and dried as making beef jerky.

Be back tomorrow, for part II on the beef jerky. For now,

Hugs and fishes,

15:01 pm Eastern Time, Long Island, NY…
Bill Purkins

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