Corporate Tax Cut Inspires New Verse to Willie and the Hand Jive

Hand Jive. Really it’s just bullshit but you can’t say that on the news. But I can say it, because I’m just a pissed off American retired white guy trying to make it on Social Security after getting screwed by corporate shenanigans, but hey. I wouldn’t live anywhere else.

On this corporate tax cut bullshit, as I said, people get all panties twisted chafed suggesting that cutting corporate taxes won’t stimulate the economy, when history shows it does, never mind though. What if they decide to just give it back to their stockholders as dividends or even worse, to themselves as executive bonuses so they can pay for their new trophy wives’ boob jobs? That’ll stimulate SOMETHING, bejeezus.

Why not just give them tax cuts for each new job they create? Or for each dollar they sink back into improvements to their business that benefit employees?

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