NOT Bill Perkins (businessman) who has the amazing luck to also be named William O. Perkins III, almost but NOT quite @thebillpurkins, who is ME William O. Purkins III, with a “U” you realize.

NOT Bill Perkins, Democrat—Working Families, who was re-elected to the New York City Council in a Special Election on February 14th, 2017. I have interviewed this Bill Perkins, with an “e” not a “U” you realize, and he is not me, nor I him. As most of if not all with people with a name similar to @thebillpurkins, he IS a very nice guy, though, or at least was to me once we straightened out which Bill P(U/e)rkins each of us are. He does HIS thing, I do mine. And for a politician, he has one hell of a good sense of humor.

NOT  Dr Bill Perkins  of one of the oldest and largest departments of Geography and Earth Science in the UK.  Admittedly, Aberystwyth was the first department in England to offer students single honours degrees in human geography and physical geography, and the UK University of the Year for Teaching Quality (The Times & The Sunday Times, The Complete University Guide 2018). He’s probably a real smart guy and has a better accent me, but let me get him out on a boat and see what kind of fisherman he is okay? Can he play the guitar? Maybe, I don’t know. Anyway, he spells it with an “e” and not a “U” you realize, so, he ain’t me, Babe.

The list goes on… So, if you wanna know the answer to the question
#whothehellisbillpurkins click the link, you.


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