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I retired in 2016 after 35 years of computer programming. I had loved it. It was good to me. Took early retirement at 62, started collecting social security. A year later I went back to work. It was too early to call it quits. I still love it.
As a kid I collected coins. Now? I play with them, buy ans sell silver mostly, anything shiny or interesting historically or with a potential story behind it.

If you send me an email you better send me a text or notify me otherwise to look at my email. I get a lot of crap.

I spend too much time on Facebook. This is slowly changing. Any day now…

I have some music videos, half assed comedic stuff also. Nothing exciting.

Twitter is a vast wasteland. I don’t waste a lot of energy on it.
I fish. This is a fishing web site. II wrote for regional fishing magazines and hosted a successful fishing radio talk show some years back. Had a bunch of fun, made some money, met everyone in the fishing world I wanted to. When you got ink and airtime, everybody wants you on their boat. This is my swan song to fishing journalism. Lots of pictures of dead fish being held by pretty women, cute kids and guys with guts. Innovative cutting edge hard hitting fishing news. I still love it.
Great web site name, eh? It was available, I bought it. I’ve used Fender guitar picks all my life. Now I sell them. Lowest price in the world, or on the web per dozen.

Are you bummed out because you can't change the world? Maybe your world is too big.