make a money request

mi casa es tu casa

due to usurious rates charged by western union and walmart, fees of up to 10%, i can no longer fulfill requests for money from anyone if it is to be sent by either of these two thieving, scumbag criminal organizations.

this does not mean however that i am not sympathetic to your cause.

hey. mi casa su casa. drop the formality, even.

don’t be shy. ask for what you need. but humor me at least.

before you ask me for money…




and click their donate food button. it’s free. it’s painless. you click it, their sponsors donate¬†a cup of food to ¬†people less fortunate than you or me. then they try to get you to buy their shit. you don’t have to buy their shit. you can come back here right away.

then? you register on THIS site. if you can’t subscribe to my site, please, don’t insult me by asking for money.

there’s a REGISTER link on the menu. register. then? log on.

it’s free, also. you don’t even have to pretend you read the shit i write.

and it’s not like i’m a fuckin’ jehovah’s witness cramming a rolled up satanic worship phony bible pamphlet up your ass either.

no lecture from me. promise.

last thing.

you send me a text telling me what you need the money for. it’s okay, you can lie. most people do anyway.

you don’t have my phone number? it’s


that said, it never hurts to

oh. and my paypal id
h a n d
c u f f
m o n k
f i s h
o l
. c
o m
that’s who you ask for the money.

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