2016 Australia 1/2 oz .9999 fine silver Tiger Shark BU


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TEN 2018 Tuvalu Marvel THOR 1 oz .9999 Silver BU encapsuled
$260 for all 10 or 27 apiece

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2017 Armenia Noah’s Ark 500 Dram 1 oz .999 fine Silver BU
$1 auction
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1900-P Morgan Silver Dollar
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2016 Canada $5 Superman 1 oz .9999 fine Silver BU
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new in 2018 Tuvala Marvel THOR 1 oz .9999 Silver BU
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2016 Australia 1/2 oz .9999 fine Silver 50 Cent Piece BU
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Out of the Dark Cloud of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, Laughter?

YouTube Star Lauren Francesca goes to battle in the dark world subjects of sexual harassment and misconduct in the workplace in a new Comedy Web Series, “APPLAND,” armed with the stinging sword of determination and her sharp wit.


Out of this mentoring effort extended to around 100 blossoming talents worldwide, one shining star is actress and YouTube Star Lauren Francesca, a native NYer now based in West Hollywood, California, who can be seen in numerous shows and films, including “Louie”, “Bad Parents” and “Lucky Number.”

Also a social media influence, with over 3 million followers across platforms and over 2 Billion YouTube views, Lauren’s new Web Comedy Series “Appland”, was produced as part of the groundbreaking program and she was mentored by Elizabeth Banks.

“Appland” was created by Lauren Francesca and Dennis Feitosa (Telly award winning director and producer). In the show, we follow Olivia Grassi, played by Lauren, a young tech entrepreneur forced to rebuild her life after a very public sexual harassment lawsuit against her former business partners.

The show bares to us the stark realities that women experience in male-dominated industries. In it, Olivia encounters hurdles such as gender discrimination, systematic patriarchal oppression, and frightening sexual harassment and misconduct.

All of the events portrayed in the series are based on situations Lauren experienced as a female entrepreneur in the tech and entertainment industries.

As part of her journey, Olivia moves back home with her family: her knit-picky mother, played by Heather McPhaul (seen in “Silicon Valley”, “Veep”, “Dexter”); her deadbeat dad, played by Larry Hankin (“Breaking Bad”, “Seinfeld”, “Billy Madison”); and her annoying twin brother, played by Louie Torellas (Emmy Award Winning actor seen in “Law and Order”, “Miracle Boys”).

The show also features: Peter O’Connor (“Mercy”, “Flesh and Bones”), comedy writer Jeffrey Gurian (seen in “Kroll Show”), Tammy Katz (“Knots Landing”, “Strong Medicine”, “Out of Control”),  ,Jaby Koay (YouTuber with over 1 million total followers), Greg Alba (YouTuber with over 1 million total followers), and Karim Jovan (social media influencer with over 4 million total followers).

It all sounds dangerous and dark, which it may be in many respects, but remember that Lauren is a comedian, and her presentation and treatment of this highly relevant social issue that has gripped the nation’s attention most recently, she battles it not only head on, but with a bold and sharp sense of humor as a weapon.

The first eight episodes have been filmed and can be seen on Lauren’s YouTube Web Channel, link below. We’re eager for more, and hope you will be also.



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Senate ethics panel has issued no punishments in 9 years

Senate ethics panel has issued no punishments in 9 yearsPaul Singer and Jenny Ung, USA TODAY Published 1:41 p.m. ET Feb. 4, 2016 | Updated 6:45 p.m. ET Feb. 4, 2016(Photo: Michael Reynolds, EPA)CONNECTTWEET 11LINKEDIN 1COMMENTEMAILMOREWASHINGTON — The Senate Ethics Committee released its annual report this week declaring that for the ninth straight year, it imposed no disciplinary sanctions against anyone in 2015. Since 2007, the committee has received 613 allegations of wrongdoing and has summ

Source: Senate ethics panel has issued no punishments in 9 years

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