someone of a lullaby

so much for lullabies and remembering those words sometimes you say that when you dream and then you don’t take your pills at night and you wake up the next morning having not slept at all command Mockingbirds clear my keyboard lion heavy metalI can do it you can dig it she can dig it she can dig it we can dig it this is the song that you messflat on your back just a single thin pillow close your eyes and lift your arms grab the bed rails call Springtime is here to go to sleep.

god this is stupid

what the hell was I thinking when I decided to start a blog under my own name? well I was thinking that I could express the way I really feel about very important things that are affecting my life.

pretty f****** stupid. I can’t do that here, because the things that screw me up and make me miserable and make me want to vent and spew…?

if I shared all that s*** here I’d make all the people I care about feel like s***, and then I’d be even more f***** up.


born in the usa

nearly any silly or bizarre thought you have probably already has a web site and or a counter or sub culture devoted to it. nothing new under the sun. really.

example: i wondered the other day how funny it would be if there was a volleyball game being played using the border fence between the US and Mexico as the net.

Done. Plenty of places and regular games going on.

Okay, I wonder if anyone has gotten laid through the border fence. There’s gotta be places where it’s made of just chain link, no? Plenty of room for an international glory hole, you with me?

How about citizenship issues if a woman gives birth ON the border, she’s in Mexico, but the baby pops out and first touches US soil?

Age of consent issues. It’s 12 in Mexico. Jeezus. Twelve? Suppose John Law comes upon a through the fence international incident of said type if you will. Can the guy in the US be prosecuted for statutory rape?

someone google this for me. I’m afraid to look.

shit happens

16aug1977where were you when _________? fill in the blank and flash back… kennedy shot, nixon resigned, lost your virginity, space shuttle exploded, trade center towers crumbled to the ground. we all have a bunch.

i liked elvis. not a huge fan, but i enjoyed his music, i respected him as a musician, and i felt sorry for him, he got eaten by the machine, yeah, i thought hollywood ruined him, oh yeah, vegas embarrassed him in the end, but he was, and always was, Elvis. but i wouldn’t remember where i was when i heard he had died, except for the fact that it was within minutes of my dog, Gypsy, falling to the kitchen floor and entering a body stiffening seizure she would never come out of. the TV was on, and a news announcer was detailing the national tragedy of the discovery of Elvis’ body at his mansion in graceland.

you never forget where you were when your dog died. my bride to be was visiting and present, having just met my parents, and the two of us put the dog in my car and drove her off to the vet.

i remember where i was when frank zappa’s death reached me. in a car packed full of three piece suits going from a big client i was bringing into the high tech computer world to the airport in atlanta after an okay meeting. we saw a bumper sticker that said “SHIT HAPPENS…” and it was the first time any of us had heard the phrase, man did we laugh… and the car radio spewed out… “rock and roll…. died…. frank zappa…. years old…” i wouldn’t remember that either, but for the shit. i liked zappa too.

nothing is forever.

a web site for people who GIVE a rat’s ass

a web site for people who GIVE a rat’s ass


and those who don’t? You KNOW who you are. And SHAME on you, you motherfucker, hypocritical, cocksucker, bastard shitheads.

Watch. Learn. Care. Share. GIVE a rat’s ass and prove your worth to the world.


a fucking warning: this website contains language

I care. Believe me, I care. I know what you’re asking for right now is extremely important to you, and I’m going to try to help you the best way that I possibly can.


what the FUCK do -30- and XXX mean? 

“While for PR pros using ###, -30-, or sometimes even –END-, is habit, many of us don’t know why or where it originated. There are several theories––from the Civil War era when Western Union 92 Code of telegraphic shorthand was used to signify the end of a transmissionto a time when stories were written in longhand and X marked the end of a sentence, XX the end of a paragraph, and XXX the end of a story (XXX=30 in Roman numerals). You may have missed them, but pop culture has also seen references to “-30.” The finale of the TV series The Wire, which concerned the media, was called “-30-“; an episode of Law & Order about a poisoned reporter was also titled “30,” Bugs Bunny even utters, “That’s -30- for today” in a cartoon.

“Whichever symbol you decide to use, don’t forget that it comes out of tradition and respect, and simply means…”The end.”

“– Lara Cohn, Senior Vice President/Director of Public Relations”



the end

what the FUCK do -30- and XXX mean? It means you’re fucking DONE, dickhead.


Are you bummed out because you can't change the world? Maybe your world is too big.